Eclipse setup


Duke, the Java Mascot, in the waving pose.Image from WikipediaI work with eclipse all day, so I’ve spent some time messing around with plugins. Lots and lots of plugins.

The plugins I’ve current stablized on is:

I use the code formatter extensively as possible. It’s very nice to get these things like a gift instead of spending time on wrapping lines and formatting by hand.

When using the codeformatter you really can benefit from “Save Actions“. The most timesaving feature for me so far. My setup currently includes all checkboxes, and a stack of additional action. No more time spent inserting spaces between ) and {

Good stuff!

For my sparetime project I’m currently exploring other plugins:

The mercurial plugin isn’t quite ready yet, but it’s getting there. Things are happening, and as the mail and website for the new scala plugin suggests that plugin isn’t quite there yet.

I dont mind, it gives you that pioneering feeling :)

If anybody should pop by and see this list, feel free to suggest all those nifty plugins I’m missing!

Happy coding

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5 Responses to “Eclipse setup”

  1. Nice list, but really surpirsed not to see subclipse in the list
    Another useful plugin I use is Log4E

  2. I use several of the plugins that you mention and I also use the Subversive plugin for versioning and the Cruise Control as a build tool.

  3. Ah yes. Subclipse would be very useful if I were using Subversion for source control. But currently I’m not coding on anything i subversion. We use clearcase at work, and as I mentioned in the post I’m investigating the mercurial plugin :)

    I’ll have a look at the other plugins you guys mention!

  4. 4 StefanC

    Ah, yes. It is nice to see that thje Mercurial Eclipse plugin is getting more attention, it needs more users to report bugs/features and developers to fix/implement them :-)

  1. 1 How to: Do you have any recommended plugins for Eclipse? | SevenNet

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